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I sit in presence this afternoon in the newly, freshly completed Water Hut.
I sit in humbleness and vulnerability and awe at this becoming. 
This extraordinary thing of a desire, a longing, a wish.... then uttering those into the world and its return with a reverberating YES....and then its manifestation by the grace of many. 
This new space is a gift to us all and the beauty of its intention: For each of us to meet our own magnificence, to bow to that, and then to be and give witness to another from this place, to relate in reverence, to frollick it its joy, to allow love to move us.....
I bow to you in sweet open love on this first day of June. May you meet yourself in presence in your own world and I welcome you to deepen that relating here at Phakalane through the varied offerings this month. Phakalane is beautiful in the winter wildness and the special spaces to rest your body in.

In Love