Retreat: Phakalane in Retreat

By Claudia Rauber

Phakalane and Claudia are in Retreat and Deep Listening from 1 June till the Spring Equinox 20 September.
The whole space will be closed.

Without all of you and what we have shared and how you have loved this land and place and entrusted yourselves into my care, I would not be able to be in these months of silence and heart listening.
It feels like this time will be an opportunity to deeply practice a state of being. And those that know me know how long a journey it has been this Undoing of my Doing.
My sense is that the new will immerge and serve us all more deeply and fully thatn before.

Thank you for your continued love and community and for choosing Yourself and the care of you.

I bow gently to you in love






Thursday 01 June 2017 to Wednesday 20 September 2017


07:00 - 22:00


Phakalane – centre for living ritual
12 Hunters Way, Hout Bay

By donation