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It is through the power of deeply rooted ritual that we deepen into any chosen spiritual practice.  Once we immerse ourselves so completely into the practice there comes a time when there is no longer separation between the practice and ourselves.  We are living our purpose and our purpose is joyfully living through us.

The practice of all forms of yoga offers us a beautiful opportunity to develop a strong ritual practice in our lives that balances and strengthens us on all levels of our being.

Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness is an incredibly transformative spiritual practice brought to us through a strong lineage of enlightened souls.  The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan is the master of Kundalini Yoga and brought this previously secret practice to the west in 1969.  Guru Ram Das, who is associated with healing and miracles, and who is the 4th Sikh Guru was Yogi Bhajan’s Guru.  Guru Ram Das was acknowledged as having the high throne of Raj Yoga (Royal Yoga) and he would pass that blessing on to all who would come. 

When we chant to tune in before practice we connect to this lineage, the Golden Chain, through the Adi Mantra:  Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.  This mantra is our pure infinite soul connection to all masters and teachers of Kundalini yoga, past, present and future.  As we chant we open ourselves to all wisdom that needs to move through us, we bow to the divine infinity within ourselves and all beings, igniting the spark of our intuition and higher guidance.

Through this discipline we are offered the highest gift for shifting, awakening and raising consciousness. 

It is said that Kundalini Yoga is an emanation of over 8.4 million kriyas! (we must have done something right in some lifetime to have access to this wealth of teachings!)  Kriya means action, an action that leads to a complete manifestation.  Each kriya that we precisely practice as taught by the master has a very specific effect on our minds, on our bodies and our souls.

If you choose to deepen into the ritual of Kundalini Yoga you could literally transform your life by choosing just one kriya to practice and master.

It is highly recommended to practice a kriya or meditation for 40 days up to 1000 days to experience its full and deep benefit.  It takes 40 days for example to break a negative pattern or habit.

What you put in is what you get out.  Once you commit to and develop your sadhana, you immerse yourself into the ritual of your practice and the joys and challenges it brings. 

Your sadhana is your spiritual discipline that awakens awareness.  It is through ritual that we honour ourselves and our natural rhythms and cycles.  We release old redundant patterns and nurture new empowering; compassionate patterns that truly honour who we are. This is a process and a journey that takes commitment to the highest part of ourselves.  We allow ourselves to hold a challenging pose or sit in silent meditation  breathing presence , awareness and release through  and beyond the discomfort, the pain, the anger and eventually into the gentle and healing space of acceptance of what is as it is.

Ritual is a conscious commitment to a discipline, choosing no matter what, because there will always be a valid excuse keeping you from your practice, your path to consciousness;  so everyday choosing no matter what to relate to your soul, to your infinity, to your wisdom, to your truth.  Your life will change.  Your challenges, frustrations, fears and phobias may stay the same (for a while) but the way you choose to relate to them, observe them, work with them will be different.

Yogi Bhajan says “You will never know who you are if you have not disciplined yourself to know who you are”

Yours in awareness, love, light and truth

Sat Nam

Patwant Kaur