What is Phakalane


  • It is a sacred place in the city.
  • A symbol of the sacred in our daily life.
  • It makes it possible for us to integrate the aspects and experiences of sacred ritual as part of our daily life, which I call LIVING RITUAL.
  • To let our physical bodies EXPERIENCE and know how to come HOME.
  • Phakalane is a place where we can come to hear the call of our heart, the call of the world.
  • A place that can hold us in our exploration of all aspects of life.
  • Where we come to expand our background and see how through different traditional family/life values we can create a new way of living in harmony and wellness in our modern world.
  • Where the next generations have connectedness and richness of "family".




  • A centre for living ritual (find community, experience connection and learn how to live in diversity from an anchored knowing of oneself.
  • All this through sacred ceremony and ritual) A place for us all to come "home".....
  • To create wellness for our children's children...that journey begins with us/you




  • To know where we come from and create where we are living.
  • To find ways of coming into balance in our modern world, though ritual and ceremony.
  • Exploring how we can live the change in our life.
  • A place of heart, where we touch our own heart, and that of others.
  • A place of open and safe connecting, through people, the elements and spirit.
  • Here we aspire to live the change in our modern world....treading lightly on the earth, with each other, supporting the environment and each other, conscious eating, growing food to eat, keeping a 50km radius of shopping etc...
  • To make love, not war.


Why Rituals?

We do rituals in order to create a safe resting place for our most complicated feelings of joy or trauma,so that we do not haul those feelings around with us forever, weighing us down.

We all need such places of ritual safe keeping....if our culture does not provide a specific ritual, let us.