Phakalane is here to support you in times of change, transition and recovery.
We specialise in offering private retreats that allow you to stop, be present, connect, breathe and spend time in a safe and consciously held space.

Working together with you we will design a special program to meet your requirements.

One-Day Cleanse

Take a day and stop, connect with yourself and your body, cleanse and align.

Begin the day with mouth oiling, dry body brushing, body oiling and a cold shower (for those ready for that!).
Have the first green juice, followed by a colonic.
Spend the rest of the morning being in nature on the land or walking a little onto the mountain or simply sleeping.
Enjoy a lunchtime juice followed by a body massage.
Rest for the rest of the afternoon, ending it with a juice and a completion circle.
Journey home, more restored, aligned with self and alive!

One-Day Juice Fast and Cleansing Day: a group of 3 or more

one-day_cleansing We start by greeting the day with an early morning sunrise ritual in nature, this is followed by a juice, silent sitting in sacred circle, body brushing and sesame oiling.

After a rest period we continue with a midday juice, a yoga session that focuses on the organs you need to cleanse and activate, a massage, an afternoon juice and finally a sunset ritual to give thanks and complete the day.

Purification Rituals:Individual or group


At Phakalane we perform deep purification processes in a latte-enclosed circular outside space.

Working with the physical elements of fire, stones, heat, water, steam and African herbs we perform release, opening and calling rituals.