Why Cleanse?
Fall in love with yourself……

Cleansing allows your body an opportunity to heal and nurture itself while purging harmful toxins from the system. 

Cleansing gives your body a chance to clear out the accumulated toxins that have built up over your lifetime.
It allows your body to take a break by directly assimilating vital nutrients into the system. Digestion takes up most of the body’s energy and when there are more toxins coming in than the body can immediately eliminate, the body stores these toxins to ‘deal with later’. 

During our lifetime we’re exposed to massive doses of chemicals and toxins in everything we touch or put inside us. These food by-products, chemical pollutants, and free radicals contribute to premature aging, heart attacks, cancer, and virtually all other diseases. Fasting is a way of getting rid of these toxins, which allows our bodies to heal. Additionally, fasting increases the white blood cell count in our hemoglobin, which boosts immunity and protects us against disease, aids our circulatory system, which improves the quality of our skin, hair and nails, bringing them all back to their natural radiance and healthy glow.

Cleansing jump starts all our body’s systems and gets us back on track. Cleansing seasonally allows us to step towards ultimate health and well-being.
Juices furnish the body with living enzymes, bioactive vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals. Juicing brings an alkaline “Prana”, or force into the body that helps neutralize the toxic acidity we all fight and endure everyday as a result of our modern diets. It also speeds recovery from disease by supporting the body’s own healing activities and cellular regeneration, improving the cell’s ability to absorb nutrients, function electrically and eliminate waste and other toxic material from the body.

Two Miracles

As out of dirty mud-beds, gorgeous lilies grow -

So out of bent-old-age, comes vibrant youth!
And youth from age, is not a greater miracle
than pure white lilies grwoing out of mud!

~ Brown Landone

8 Day Residential Tissue Cleanse

A happy bowel, is a happy being!

The bowel is like a vacuum cleaner bag. It filters and filters until it is all clogged up and doesn’t do its job.

Poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems.

When the bowel is toxic laden, it becomes lazy, loses its ability to

function in all capacities and soon loses its muscle tone. It takes an internal manipulation to restore good bowel function and therefore health!

Every tissue in the body is as clean as the bowel. This is due to the fact that every tissue is fed by the blood which is nourished by the bowel.

Phakalane, its beauty, nature and stillness, is the perfect place to cleanse, let go, heal, change and rest.

The weeks program includes: body brushing, oiling, ritual steaming, juices/drinks, colonics, enemas, sharing circles, rest, sleep, movement.

Through this program you become in touch with your whole being via the physical. 

Cost: R 15 500,- (per person in a group of 3 to 5 participants)

Dates: Please email to find out the next dates. If you are a minimum of 3 people we can create a time that suites you.
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9 years ago I entered surgically induced menopause at the age of 43.  My body and general well being started deteriorating, I picked up weight, had little energy, my thyroid was underperforming and my overall confidence diminished. After trying many modern western medicines to alleviate my symptoms, I hit  a space of despair.  Crises - often the most fertile ground for transformation - propelled me to make the decision to do an 11 day Vision Quest in the wilderness, yearning to re-connect with my body and soul - to search for a vision that will guide me out of my misery.  I emerged with a strong and clear vision and committed to the  transformation process.  As the years passed - the pressures and stresses of running my business, nurturing family and others, plenty socializing and less desirable eating habits slowly brought my vibration down and eroded my connection to  Essence.


As my  general sense of wellbeing within the body came to a low, I decided to have a serious of colonic irrigations with Claudia.  During these sessions Claudia gave me much needed inspiration to make a few small changes in diet, to kick start the process back to health.  Experiencing the improvement in the sense of wellbeing in my body, I wanted more! Following my Heart, I gifted this 7 Day Deep Tissue Detox to myself for my 52nd birthday.  As it turns out - this is one of the best gifts a woman could give herself - an investment in, not only one's precious health, but a re-connecting to the  Spirit Self, a re-connecting to the deep Feminine and to one's Personal Power, which lies at the base of all our beings.


The experience was a sacred one for me.  Claudia, in my personal opinion, is the embodiment of a woman who stands in her true power, expressing it through the awesomeness of the Magical Phakalane and the exquisite  beauty this land embodies. But also in the extreme Gentleness, Care and Warmth of holding a space where woman can feel safe to be vulnerable , as the journey back to their True Self.


Colin, our Teacher and Storyteller, held the ritual space for deepening our Spiritual journeys. A space where we could journey to those long forgotten places in our psyche where we have stored so much pain, fear, anger, rage, hatred, judgement and  unprocessed grief.  A space, here in the the bosom of the Phakalane home, where I felt safe enough to "go into" those deep places - to feel the emotion - witness it and  finally release it!


After this process - I feel cleansed, not only in body, but on many deeper levels.  I feel "light" and grounded in my body, my mind is clear, my energy has been restored - returning to the world with re-focused Vision and a Renewed Connection to my Soul and Feminine Self.  
The Peacock, that sat outside my window every night - reminding me of what he symbolizes:  Awakening, Resurrection, , Wise vision, being in one's Integrity and the Beauty we can achieve when we show our true "colours" !!


I am ready for the next half of my journey on this beautiful Earth.


With deep gratitude and heart love.  Morgan van vuuren  May 2015

Beyond cleansing: My experience of the eight-day cleanse process at Phakalane in February 2013

Many have said that I am a glutton for punishment.  “Why put yourself through all that torture? Can it possibly really be good for you? And colonic irrigation?! That’s just plain barbaric!” I must admit that each time I have done a major fast or cleanse these exclamations from bewildered family, friends and other bystanders have rung out in my head like a death bell.  Accompanied, I will add, by an ample share of personal rebuke, “Damn it Colin! You must be out of your @∞^*^#!!! mind, why do you do this to yourself?”

That was the old way of fasting, fifteen days of nothing but water followed by six weeks of raw food.  The experts who facilitated the fasts cheerfully offered that it would be much easier the next time.  Not so!  I have done several fasts over the last twenty years, some facilitated and some on my own in the wilderness and it definitely did not get any easier.  I concluded that I was just one of those unfortunates whose body simply wasn’t suited to fasting. Each fast felt like a titanic battle for survival, and we all know what happened to the Titanic!  Terrible headaches, heart palpitations, aching body, nausea, incredible fatigue and extreme weight-loss were the standard course of side effects. “Its just your body detoxing,”  the facilitators would happily chant as I reeled from yet another wave of nausea and vertigo.  But if its just my body detoxing, then why does it never get any better no matter how often I fast.  Surely there must be an end to the detoxing somewhere, sometime?  Fast after fast with the same deathly darkness proved to me that there was no end to the detoxing. Not ever!

So why did I keep doing them. Well, in answer to this, I have to submit that the long-term results were in a word, extraordinary. I was cured of chronic aches and pains, problems with my eyes, heart palpitations, chronic back pain, stiff and aching joints, spastic colon and many other chronic lesser maladies. The extraordinary long-term results quite simply seemed worth the few weeks of torture once a year.

Then came the cleanse at Phakalane. When I arrived I was well prepared for the physical onslaught I had come to expect from fasts.  “This one will be different,” Claudia, our voyage captain and fellow venturer, assured me.  “Yeah right!  I’ve heard those words before. I’m an old hand at this, you can’t tell me anything I don’t already know about the experience,” I thought wryly to myself as I emotionally hunkered down for another voyage to hell and back.

Contrary to previous cleanses this one was busy.  In the past there seemed to be nothing but time and pain.  On this one there was work to be done from the moment of waking at six every morning to finally heading for bed at around nine in the evening.  Body brushing, swilling olive oil, cold shower and body rub with oil were the tasks to be done before heading for the kitchen to prepare and partake of the first rounds of juices and vegetable infusions accompanied by bentonite, psylium and other testy morsels to get the system on the move for the day.

There were rounds of vegetable juices and infusions every two hours through the day.  The time was spent chopping, shredding, pulverizing, stewing and drinking our often-interesting concoctions and then hastily washing up in preparation for the fast approaching next round.  Somewhere amid all this business, an hour slot was also needed to for a session of colonic therapy.

Ah yes! The colonic therapy!  This was the first time I had done colonic therapy on a fast and there was one every day throughout the duration of the cleanse.  You may be amazed to hear this but by the third session I really began to look forward to the colonics.  Claudia has a new state-of-the-art green retro-finished colonic machine, imported from Germany, that gives an entirely new meaning to the experience.  I’ll say no more on that one, though I can’t resist a final quip, “they really were a trip!”

Claudia was right, this cleanse was totally different to anything I have ever experienced before in the realm of fasting and cleansing.  By day four when I would normally have been well ensconced in the fiery pits of hell, I was on the contrary, bursting with energy, enthusiasm and a surprising feeling of calm wellbeing that seemed to be bubbling up from somewhere in the depths of my very surprised soul.  This really did feel like cleansing, cleansing on every level of my being, including to my amazement the more sylphen levels I would normally associate with the domain of spiritual work.

Need I say more?  Well yes, I have to say that the long term benefits have been absolutely amazing too.  The increase in energy continued to rise through the fast and for over a month afterwards.  It has come to rest at a level of unboundedness I thought I could never achieve.  I quite simply feel fantastic!!  Sorry if this sounds a tad evangelical but I assure you I ‘m not trying to sell tickets to my next cult event, it’s the solid and unmiticable truth.

I can’t recommend this process highly enough. Do whatever it takes; Just make sure you give yourself the incredible gift of experiencing this unmatched process.  If it even gives you a fraction of the benefit it has given me then you will have truly gifted yourself in the deepest sense of that word.

Colin Campbell

Cape Town

23 July 2013


'The Phakalane 8 day cleanse took me on a deep and profound journey.
Much appreciation for Claudia and the gifts this process facilitated in my life.'

Karin Slater
July 2013


This was a gentle yet immensely deep experience. With none of the deprivations or emotional raggedness I associate with fasting. While cleansing inside and out, I felt wrapped in a warm blanket, held by a circle of friends, full of laughter and memories.

This is the gift of living! Now is the time.

Nicola Robbins
July 2013