The Team at Phakalane

Phakalane is run by a core team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Here is a little about us and what inspires our work in the world.

Phakalane Directors

We, Claudia and Angel, mother and daughter, are the circle that stop, look, listen, adjust, make changes and listen some more at fine frequencies, as well as on the physical with the land. We meet the core in our vulnerability and with presence. Allowing the unamanifest to manifest.

We have Colin, Niall and Eugene who are part of the circle as members, who bring masculine support, reflection and insights.

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Founder and Managing Director

I am the custodian of this land and Live in Ritual. I care for it and its buildings both physically and energetically. Paying attention to the big and small. My agreement with the spirits of this land is that it will exist for our children's children.
I love living here, in ritual and holding circles of ritual.
I love working the land, planting, building, making it beautiful.
My heart sings when others are here enjoying its beauty, reverence, being in cimmunity, sinking deep and coming into the truth of themselves.

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Resident Cats

We are both the luckiest of cats....we chose the perfect home for ourselves.

I, Lyon, arrived in 31 October 2013, Phakalane's 6th birthday, from across the road and decided I wanted to live here with Claudia. She is may passionate love! I do venture to connect with others every now and again, to sit heavily on their chest to ground them and let them feel safe and loved.

I, Phoenix, the black one, made my way here in December 2015. I have become such deep friends with Lyon and we play together as brothers...I keep Lyon slim and trim...
I love to love and be sociable....and my best is to roll and play in the big sandpit circle...expecially when there is a steam ritual about to happen....

Phakalane internal care taker

It's me Lloyd. I work in Phakalane. I love this place so much. I have been working here since April 2010. I feel at home here.

My plan is to become a teacher of yoga one day, but I need to practice it first. Also I wish most to study Jin shin Jyutsu with Nan Hamilton. I love to live with people, learn from them and about myself. Phakalane changed my life when I came here. I live those changes in my daily life. My big plan is to buy a house in Malawi, where I come from. I was born on the 17 August 1981 and arrived in South Africa on the 22 May 2009.

My wish is for all people to come and see or visit Phakalane. You will enjoy and love this place. I want to thank Phakalane for taking care of me and the people that work here. Thank you so much Claudia for teaching me things I do not know. I want God to bless you with things you want in your life.

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I have been at Phakalane, in the garden since 2008. I feel happy when I am here. Everyday I work nice and it makes me smile. I want to work here till I die.

Director, Path finder, Elder, untameable, funloving

In 1990 I had a vision of creating a centre for Interpersonal Communication.

In 1995 I bought this land, now called Phakalane.

I handed it over in 2002 to Claudia who manifested her dream.

Now I stand and look at my own dream made visible.

The joy of bringing my own life's wisdom into Phakalane, is my greatest reward.

Architect and Building Creator

Eventhough we are technologically more connected than ever before, we live in an increasingly anonymous world. I strongly feel that we need to create buildings that sit comfortably in their landscape and who'se use of materials and building processes is sustainable. More importantly to create spaces that are imbued with the spirit of their future owners and users. Physically involving clients in the creative building process should go a long way to achieving that sense of personal home and space.

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Resident Peacock

Do you see how beautiful I am?

I, Gustaf, arrived by my own choice, on this land in 2006.
I have never left, making this my home.

I have called for a mate every year. In 2012 Claudia imported a mate for me. Her name was Octavia. She was my beloved for a month and then left and never came back.
I stand alone in my magnificence.
I have been showing my beauty and dancing my dance for all those that choose to watch...birds, cats, Chloe the doggie and mostly humans....
Every late December I start loosing all my beautiful tail feathers and they are spread around the garden and then find home in the four conrers of the globe in other homes.
I take deep enjoyment and receive much attention, from all those that visit Phakalane. My favorite perch at night is outside the first Treatment room at Phakalane.

This is so my home and I love it!

Spirit Cat

I chose this land, this space and this community as my home for a few years.
It took me a few months hiding in the bushes and when the "door" opened, I came in.
I loved and receiving.
I loved being here!
And I chose this place to die too......
My body is burried on this land.

Spirit Lion Cat

I found home here on this land in 2002. I was part of so much change and transformation. I was intimately part of the building of Phakalane.

I had the greatest joy out of eating catnip and being stroked at the same time.

My spirit roams this land and guides from this place of light, protecting and supporting my beloved human mother. My lion voice travels at night.

Spirit Temple Cat

I left my physical body and travelled into the light on 25 September 2011. I now oversee Phakalane as the ' Spirit Temple Cat '.
My favorite past time was to keep an eye on the goings-on at Phakalane while soaking up sun on the stairs.

I chose this as my home in 2007. I loved taking part in sacred rituals, supporting and assisting, bringing cuddles and care where needed.

When Simba, the big Lion of the Phakalane Land passed into the spirit realm, I found home ad hoc with all the residents. I loved the underfloor heating in the cottage, yummy chicken at the main house and quiet child-free space in the studio to rest.
I felt safe on this land.