Spiritual Life Coach, Self-Help Writer & Business Consultant

Spiritual/Self-Help Writer. I am currently birthing a book about integrating the yin and yang, or feminine and masculine energies as a personal pathway to a joyful, happy and abundant life, harmonious relationships and enlightened personal power.

Many of the world’s greatest teachers have extolled the virtues of integrating the masculine and feminine. We have heard this from Taoist philosophers, Paramahansa Yogananda, Carl Jung and Deepak Chopra, as well as from renowned psychics such as Diana Cooper, Sonia Choquette and Sylvia Browne.   Even business gurus such as John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods and co-author of “Conscious Capitalism” believe that conscious leaders are those who have integrated their masculine and feminine.  

This is an exciting and intuitive concept but nowhere is it explained how to achieve this balance or indeed, what it really means to be balanced in this way. That gap is what my book addresses in a light-hearted, yet insightful fashion.  My book allows you to attain this underlying balance, yet fascinatingly it will be expressed in your own unique way. The ideas in my book were channelled since 1998. They offer a modern-day interpretation of balancing the yin and yang that is relevant in today’s world. I am open to hearing your ideas and personal stories to possibly share in my book.

Spiritual Life Coach and Business Consultant

My work also includes coaching and training individuals and teams to develop greater self-awareness for application in their lives and work. My work is also about assisting business professionals to develop conscious leadership and create a conscious business.  I teach a course titled “Introduction to Conscious Business” to MBAs at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School.


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Energy Worker, Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner

Energy is everything. Everything is energy.

When we forget what we are we experience disconnection. We need only remember that we are Light and Love. We are the Universe expressing itself as a human for a little while. We are Divinely and beautifully created.

I am an energy worker. Using Universal healing Light Energy I can facilitate healing through "re-connection" and "re-membering". I work in a holistic way using tools from a wide net of therapies to shift, clear and balance your body, mind, spirit and soul-energy.

I am a qualified Counsellor (Diploma in Counselling and Communication, SACAP) and Reiki practitioner. I have psychic abilities and am able to see and work with energies.

I tailor each treatment to the individual. The various tools we have available to us to create a unique holistic session include:

~Divination (through Oracle cards and psychic readings)

~Healing through creative art exercises

~Drama/role play (to release and rewrite stuck parts of your story)

~Usui Reiki and hands on healing techniques

~Chakra balancing (using chakra stones / crystals and Light energy)

~Aura cleansing (using crystals and Light energy)

~Dream exploration and interpretation

~Guided meditations (relaxation, aiding in sleep processes, dream-work, connecting with spirit

guides / totem animals and other Spirit Journeys)

A treatment can be a unique collection of any of these elements, or a single one.

Reiki is a holistic modality all on its own and so a Reiki session is deeply healing and powerful on many levels.

Reiki provides soul-healing, relaxation, stress release and balancing of energies in the mind/body/spirit. It helps with physical, mental, emotional illness and imbalances. It restores and harmonises the body's entire energy system.

If you have any further questions about myself or what I offer, please get in touch on 072 289 7649 or mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Anne Tiger-Lily Manim

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Jin Shin Jyutsu And Deep Tissue Massage

Nan offers 60 or 90 minute SESSIONS using the gentle Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu or Osho Deep Tissue Rebalancing Massage to bring the whole being to a state of deep release and harmony.

REBALANCING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE combines the finest techniques of connective tissue manipulation, joint release, liquid bodywork, emotional & structural anatomy and conscious breathing to counteract chronic holding patterns that contribute to pain and illness. The essence of Rebalancing is a compassionate touch.

Easy to apply and non-invasive; Jin Shin Jyutsu simply utilises gentle touch to specific “safety energy locks” on the body. When we understand the basic principles, and know where to place our hands, we can bring profound harmony to our own body, heart and mind any time we choose. With ongoing practice of this ancient art, we recognize the wisdom of the body, and learn to interpret the messages provided and utilize them to restore balance. In this way it is a daily helper and a lifelong journey of increasing quality of life.

A session or series of treatments and/ or daily self help is effective in relieving pain, toxicity, fatigue, depression; restoring vitality; improving respiration, digestion, assimilation and immune response; and inducing deep relaxation. A series of sessions has a powerful synergetic effect and allows the whole body to be systematically included. Various self help tools are offered to create a sustainable flow of personal energy.

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Author, Transformational Facilitator, Healer, Alchemist

Kiki Theo is the author of Money Alchemy, Money Well & Wealth Journey. Combining 3 decades of successful business experience with her lifelong study and practice of metaphysics, she offers an energetic approach to moneymaking, which cultivates Wealth-Being ®, Money Alchemy™ and Money Well™ transformational processing. The first wealth consciousness model - Wealth Journey™ and her signature approach, The Container®, are Kiki's own unique creations for powerfully transforming self and wealth. She is a fulltime writer and teacher, specialising in wealth expansion. Kiki's courses and energetic wealth transfomations will soon be available on-line, together with Money Alchemy facilitator training.

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Traditional Healer and World Teacher

Colin Campbell lives, teaches, coaches and facilitates a tried and tested system that brings people around the world into a place of daily purpose and personal power. The system is based on many traditional practices from around the world, and located firmly in the present. Through his personal training as a traditional healer in Southern Africa over a 25 year period and his experience of other systems from around the world, Colin has been able to combine the old with the new in a unique way.

Colin Campbell has shared speaking and teaching platforms with many of the world's leaders in personal power and transformation, including Thomas Berry, Malidoma Some, Wangari Maathai, Mingyur Rinpoche, Vandana Shiva, Cormac Cullinan and Credo Mutwa.

Colin is in constant demand as a facilitator and speaker around the world and presently lives in the UK.

Conservationist, Trail Creator and Mountain Wilderness Guide

Galeo is one of those wild men of the mountains, can’t be defined and refuses to be labeled or tied down. He is highly creative and brings a fresh and pragmatic view to the NGO boards he sits on and the initiatives he is engaged with.

He is the co-founder of The Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike,The Rim of Africa Trail, and is an advocate for wilderness protection. To find out more about his projects take a look here . . .

Galeo is a regular visitor to Phakalane and a speaker who has hosted various talks and presentations with us.

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writing coach and literary agent

Sarah Bullen has been coaching writers, journalists and editors since 2005. Her clients are based all over the world. She is the author of “Hey Baby!” (Random House Struik 2003) and “Romance 101” (Random House Struik 2009), The Ticking Shed (2008), EndTimes (screenplay 2008), Bethany Rocks (screenplay 2011) and The Sentinel (2012). Sarah is full-time writer, journalist scriptwriter and magazine editor. A former radio and print journalist, Sarah writes for local and international womens’ titles and coaches writers on fiction, non-fiction and memoirs. She is a regular guest on talk shows and at workshops and does one-on-one writing coaching. Sarah lives in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Mobile: 0823736129

Vegetarian Cook and Food Lover

I love eating and preparing good wholesome vegetarian food! For me cooking is an art form that needs both practice and patience. However, like most good things in life, what’s really required is passion, and I like to whip up dishes with passion. While I seek inspiration from the many amazing recipe books out there, I also like to have fun in the kitchen and try new and different combinations of ingredients. Whether you are looking for a gourmet three-course meal or a simply robust soup, or crisp fresh salad, I will source the best quality, freshest ingredients and prepare the meal in Phakalane’s fabulous kitchen.

Midwife, author, natural childbirth consultant

Robyn guides birth professionals and parents-to-be through processes and courses that honour the sacred nature of birth. These include:

Sessions for connecting with their unborn babies
Biodanza dance for birth and bonding
Classes for releasing fear about birth
Training courses for doulas and Mama Bamba facilitators

Robyn wrote The Mama Bamba Way, and is a long term meditator, a midwife, an Integration therapist, and a Biodanza dance facilitator. She believes in theart of non-doing and in encouraging women to find their own place of trust in themselves during birth.

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Ayurvedic Physician

Ayurveda-Naturally Natural

Our body as an organism is a unique laboratory nature purposed for timely and efficient cleaning of decay products and for recovering energy assuring health and happiness to its owner….BUT it was not foreseen by nature that the owner of this organism would push its ability, as well as be exposed to a polluted environment, corrupted air and water and non predictable factors of nature. It was not even suspected that natural nutrition could be replaced with nutria chemicals and genetically modified food. A daily consumption of three meals of meat with beer, tonics and other color beverages and night work sustained by stimulators like coffee, vitamin bombs, and even alcohol, was also not part of nature’s plan.

By the age of 30, the body organism becomes overfilled with harmful substances to the extent it cannot clean itself naturally. Tiredness increases abdominal distention, constipation and other digestive disorders. Pressures increase more and night sleep does not bring the joy it used to. An almost invisible swollen face and extremities indicate this tiredness. At this point metabolites, already close to capillary, veins and arteries, poison the organism. Rest and healthy food is required to release the organism from the accumulation of poisons and pharmaceuticals that are poured deeper and deeper into the organism. Aches in the spine and back; migraines and aches in joints develop. Breathe becomes difficult and the heart hurts when going up the stairs. Habituated medicines do not decrease the blood pressure any more.

It’s worth asking a question - What will be next, if I‘m only 45 years old? Should I even ask if it is not sure that an answer will be found or a way out the disease maze? If it is not too late and you feel strength and energy to take care of your organism, you can start to care of your vehicle. Give it healthy, vibrant food, begin exercise, for example yoga in the mornings, go to bed early and wake up before sunrise. Don’t eat before going to sleep, seek equanimity, and avoid over-emoting or arguments and other unnecessary stresses. Spend more time in the fresh air and smile more. This is how you can help your organism release metabolite pressure and clean your body. This lifestyle is not expensive – daily time for your treatment and your life is filled with happy days.

But if toxins and poisons already invade your organism and damage it, if you already own a few diagnoses and medicines do not bring the results expected, you need help, as your organism cannot cope itself. All further attempts to eliminate symptoms will make the crisis even worse.

Determination of the level of metabolic disorder (revealing not only the damaged system or organ, but also the reason of this damage) is the way to recovery.

The Ayurvedic scientific approach, diagnosis and understanding of the reasons of these diseases, as well as treatment practices, differ from dominant approaches in the present time.

Our medical treatment includes diagnosis and holistic and individual therapy during each step of the pathology process. We use various methods of diagnosis including the pulse, tongue, skin, eyes, hairs, voice tone, etc. and laboratory and radiological analysis to analyze antibody titer to viruses and bacteria to reveal the full picture of causes of the disease. This approach considers the human being as a part of nature, to see the disorders of the whole and correctly state the succession of the disturbances which have caused the disease.

Medicines to restore the function of metameres and nerve tissue are prescribed. Reflector functions of viscera and hormonal axis improves; involuntary nervous system recuperates; blood supply and tissue supply with the oxygen normalizes; and as result, the whole program of Ayurveda cleaning and therapy becomes more efficient.

For further info or to make a booking please contact:

Dr Ram Garg
BAMS, MD Ayurvedacharya (Kurukshetra University) India
Ayurvedic physician
Practice no-1040000218804

011 462 4652
082 852 8084

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Structural Design and Kundalini Yoga

Born on a rainy day and named Pule by the Tswana on our farm.

Subsequently christened Rodney.

My profession is Structural Engineer my passion and belief is Kundalini Yoga.

As structural engineer on Phakalane resulted in bond with Mano and Claudia who introduced me to Kundalini Yoga.

Personal philosophy:

'Upwards and Onwards
We know not where
Follow the Pure Light
We have no fear
For we are nothing

Address: 7 Surcingle Ave, Hout Bay

Mobile: 0832655437

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I am a woman of the 21st century

Andrea Brand is an artist, qualified anthroposophical art therapist and completed training in Family Constellations in 2006.

Since 1998 Andrea has worked as a facilitator in the fields of Adult Education, Community Development and in the Corporate Sector.

She assists various groups and individuals in finding their potential and helps them to begin to use creative expression as a tool for personal and social development.

Her broad spectrum of experience includes work in the following areas: Personal development, building management teams, organizational review, teacher training and youth development.

Andrea strongly believes that uncovering and discovering your creativity is an exciting journey, which leads to being more of who you are and living your life fully and joyously. Her passion is to enable others, through the creative process, the discovery of self, a positive orientation, inner stability and resourcefulness in life.

Andrea offers individual Art therapy sessions in private practice.

Through her additional qualification as a Family Constellation facilitator she runs a private practice where she consults individually using a systemic approach and also holds group workshops using

Family Constellations. In her individual practice she integrates her creative approach and constellations depending on the client’s needs. This wholelistic approach enables the client to discover the interconnectedness of events in their lives and build a renewed awareness around the existing personal and work relationships.

Andrea’s latest passion is observing and nurturing the development of Constellation House, which was launched end of February 2010. In essence she has created the centre so it can be a sacred space for a community of practitioners and facilitators who like to work in a supportive and beautiful environment. Out of that flows and grows the possibility for clients and participants to enter into an environment that honors different processes according to unique, personal needs.

Mobile: 0828253011

Phone: 0216898107

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Rolfing® Structural Integration

Rolfing® is an original and scientifically validated system of body restructuring and movement education. Through the ten session Rolfing series the body is balanced in relationship to itself and within the field of gravity by working with the connective tissue.

The scientific theory that a physical object vertically aligned within the field of gravity moves through space more efficiently is one of the key priciples of Rolfing. This balance in the field of gravity is achieved by bringing segments of the body (head, neck, torso, pelvis, legs and feet) into a more structurally organized relationship with one another. As Dr. Rolf said, ‘Gravity is the therapist.’

A Certified Rolfer uses physical pressure to stretch and guide the connective tissue, lengthening and organizing it, allowing for more efficient, flexible movement. The person being Rolfed participates in the process by moving, breathing and releasing the holding patterns within the connective tissue, allowing the innate balance of the body to become the teacher.

The connective tissue or myofascial system which supports the soft tissues, determines the spacing and positioning of bones, the direction of muscle pulls and movement and gives the body its shape. The connective tissue system provides a structural, physiological and energetic medium for a communication network throughout the body.

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Tantra, Counselor

Supporting men, women and couples to express unique potential in daily life through presence, awareness and aliveness. Facilitating embodied, experiencial opportunities using body-based counseling and sacred sexuality practices.

  • Build vital life force energy
  • Receive loving touch
  • Explore boundaries
  • Release energy blocks
  • Integrate inner masculine and femine aspects
  • Find inner power, strength and self-love
  • Reveal unconscious beliefs and behaviours

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shiatsu and taoist meditation

Shiatsu is a touch-based therapy that applies pressure to areas of the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting imbalances, and maintaining and promoting health.

During the 90min and 120min sessions, Taoist practices are combined with Shiatsu to provide an energy enhancing, emphasis shifting experience. You walk away with tools specific to your needs, to access your own healing power in between sessions.

We use breath, sound, colour and more to promote the flow of Ki through the energychannels or meridians of the body. Ki is a Japanese word (Chinese, Qi or Chi) used to describe the life force said to flow through the meridians, sometimes described as bioelectro-magnetic energy.

Treatments during pregnancy benefit both mother and baby, and familiarises mothers with techniques to welcome and flow with whatever comes up – a useful skill during labour.

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Colour, Antaneea Technique and Past Life Regression

I believe that healing energy is limitless.

We can work on many issues during one session.

I also believe that our bodies have an innate ability to know what they can deal with in a session. Often we bring in memories from a past life, which effect certain situations on our current life. Sometimes we repeat certain patterns and may not always understand how or why.

With an intuitive healing session we can uncover many layers. Thus releasing the memory from the cells, giving you a truly life changing shift.

I am guided in the healing session and work with the highest intention of love.

Whatever it is that you are finding challenging in life, give yourself the opportunity to heal, and love the life you live.

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core process psychotherapy

I feel passionate about my work supporting other beings to live from a deeper place in themselves - a place that includes a connection with our human experience as well as a connection with the Core of our being that is open, already free and connected with everything else.

I offer a gentle and safe space for you to inquire into your human experience - how it is to live in your body. I will support you to become more aware of your feelings, habitual thought patterns and the felt sense of your bodily experience, as they manifest in the present moment.

My intention is to support you to have a fuller understanding of yourself and where you come from - the way life events have impacted and shaped you.

I want to help you to live closer to yourself, to have more accepting and heartful ways of relating with your experiences. This will open the possibility of deeper happiness and peace in your daily life.

This psycho-spiritual process will support you to live in the reality of your life as it is, to live in your body and feel your heart as you meet your life.

ABOUT ME: I have been practicing as a clinical psychologist since 1997. I moved to the UK in 2000 where I trained at the Karuna Institute and qualified as a Core Process Psychotherapist. I completed a 3 year training in Pre and Perinatal trauma resolution with Karlton Terry from the USA.

I have been touched and inspired by my own and other people's early life journeys - the experience of arriving and living in a womb, the experience of being born. I support pregnant women to relate with themselves and their unborn babies.

I have been deeply engaged in various embodied awareness practices through meditation, movement and voice work. I have recently returned to South Africa and run a private practice as well as workshops and retreats in the Cape Town area.

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core process psychotherapy

My work with clients is based on the view that we are all already spiritual beings who are having our own unique human experience. As such the work intends to help you identify and dissolve the obstacles to you - as a spiritual being - having as full and rich as possible experience of your own unique humanity.

My intention as a therapist is to hold a warm, deep, gentle and clear space in which you and I can bring our awareness to your direct experience of the obstacles in your life. This allows an unlocking of the profound healing potential that is available when obstacles are given our direct, non judging attention in each moment. Along with thought-patterns and emotions, attention will be given to your direct experience of feelings, sensations and energies in and around the body as a way of accessing and releasing the places where you feel stuck in your life.

As such, Core Process Psychotherapy is a gentle yet powerful way of directly contacting and working with the places where - for whatever reason- you feel stuck or held back in your life.


I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 1997 before moving to the United Kingdom where I trained and qualified as a Core Process Psychotherapist at the Karuna Institute in Devon. I moved back to South Africa in 2010.

My own journey with Core Process Psychotherapy over the past decade, both as a client and therapist, has transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined when I began the journey! I have a deep respect for the power of this way of working and I am moved and inspired by it.

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Ro-hun Psychotherapy Master

The Ro-hun processes and techniques are used in perceiving and facilitating the movement, release and balancing of the client's psychic energies in the form of emotional, mental, spiritual and physiological states.

Etheric surgery is performed in the client's body to accelerate the release of faulty thoughts, reactive selves and other negative energies.

The Ro-hun processes enable the client to reach greater depths within their unconscious mind for the purpose of releasing and helping broader issues (as well as negative past life issues). During surgery, energy blocks and subtle cord attachments are lifted from the chakras so that the vital life force can flow freely, energizing the total being.

The Ro-hun Shadow purification and Ego clearings heal the fears that prevent success and the use of the client's full abilities and talents. The Transformation process of the Seven Selves evolves archetypical patterns in the seven chakras. The Ro-hun androgynous process heals the ignited inner conflicts in the client's inner male and female energies which exist within each chakra.

About me: I have been practising as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist since 1994. Since 1994 I have continued my studies related to the human psyche with the following institutions:

  • The Wellness lnstitute- lssaquah, WA, USA
  • Colorado Centre for Healing Touch
  • Imago Relationship therapy
  • EMDR institute with Francine Shapiro in Traumatherapy
  • Ro-hun master therapy- Delphi University, Atlanta, Georgia

I have a true compassion to offer to all people who meet my path, the experience of the love and light from within their own true inner self.

Mobile: 0832712683

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